The seeds are planted….


We bought a house and now that we are officially putting down roots in Northern California, we thought we should go ahead and document this newest and, besides having kids, biggest stage of our lives. The story of this house is great and it will be told here in time but for now, we want to focus on the many, many tasks at hand. We will show the progress of work on the house in the coming weeks and share the eventual mistakes and missteps of our decisions.

To start things off, our fantastic general contractor, Justin Warner, and his crew got started on Friday replacing the fence. Here it is before:


And here it is in progress:


The old fence is going to get re-purposed by the previous owners to use in their chicken coop (more on chickens later…a whole post on chickens most likely). Yea…pretty boring but what was impressive was how quick the process went. In two days of work the old fence went down and the new fence went up.

Now, let’s talk paint. We posted a picture similar to the one at the top of this post on Facebook and many people commented on how much they loved the red door. Well, we had already decided that the door was definitely not going to be red. Like most people in their late 30’s, we care less and less about what other people think and going into this process of “fluffing our nest” we promised each other we would be true to our taste and choices. But, alas, we apparently aren’t late enough into our 30’s because we spent most of this weekend in the grips of option paralysis when it comes to paint colors.

But, we broke free.

The body of the house will be grey with black shutters, white trim and the door…red.

We think.


3 thoughts on “The seeds are planted….

  1. Love the blog, Jenn! And love love love the red door 😉 nice choice on the paint scheme…that’s exactly what we are planning (when we can ever get around to it!!). I’m excited to follow your journey and see things progress. SO happy for you all in your new home!

    • Wow! What nice words! Thank you! And I’m going to show my ignorance (I don’t quite know what I’m doing with my blog) and say I’m not sure how to answer your question. The theme (colors, layout, font) is one available through WordPress…one of the free ones. Is that what you mean? Thank you again and I hope I can keep writing something you enjoy.

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