Cluck cluck goes the chicken


We haven’t been properly introduced. We are Amelia, Ethel and Edith. We are the chickens. The Rowes are contractually obligated to take care of us now. Really. It’s in their contract to purchase the house. We don’t know much about them yet other than the two small boys feed us when they come to visit. But we do know a lot about what’s going on at the house. You know about the fence. Noisy, noisy but it’s done.

The busy men have moved on to tearing the roof off of the garage next to our coop. Oh boy! They were in for a surprise! Looks like something or someone bumped the back wall of the garage (we’ll never tell who but we had a good laugh that night). Let’s just say the back wall of the garage isn’t where it’s supposed to be. That’s the inside of the garage.

Now, the outside isn’t in much better shape. See, a few years ago, a nice man came by to put up gutters on the garage. A couple of days into the job this poor man with debilitating arachnophobia spotted a spider (his high school guidance counselor could have done a better job helping him find his path) and he abandoned the job and took to his bed for a week without telling anyone what happened. He was so affected, he couldn’t return to the job.  The garage sat without gutters ever since. In case you didn’t know, it rains a lot here. And all that rain for these many years has been running down the back of the garage wall. It’s not in good shape. We heard the general contractor on the phone with the Rowes today. We couldn’t understand all of the words but some were ones we heard before…like the night someone bumped the back wall of the garage.

See, you can hardly tell the thing is being held up by a stick and some chicken wire:


The other big happening for the day was painting prep:


Tomorrow is the big day! The general contractor said there was some mix up about paint colors. The woman named Jenn picked a trim color called “chalk” only to call back (after the paint had been picked up) to say she changed her mind to “cloud white.” Can’t wait to see what the big deal is with this “cloud white” color that was worth the extra trip to the paint store.

We’re not so sure about all the changes, noise and people wandering around but one thing definitely improved for us today. We’ve been cooped up these last few days but today, when the sun came up, we could see more of it. This is big news for us. We love the sun. It helps us lay eggs and, well, it just feels good on our feathers. Apparently all that noise yesterday with tree limbs falling and cracking meant we get more light. Wow! We love it.

Now, if someone would just come gather our eggs. It’s getting crowded in here.




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