Rainbows in the Water

It’s been amazingly warm here so we’ve been enjoying time in the backyard. Last week I was sleep-deprived and in desperate need of the boys doing something that didn’t require a lot of my brain-power. I had to pick something up at the hardware store and the boys saw a baby pool and begged for it in the charming way that preschoolers do: “MOMMMMMMYYYYY!!! Can we get the pool? Please? Please? I want to play in the pool. Can we get water balloons? Please? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?????”

I saw my opportunity to end the begging and happily handed over the $13 to buy me some sanity.

We got the pool home and filled it up and they were having a great time but their attention span was waning and I needed another 20 minutes to finish dinner so I stole an idea from preschool. I brought out the rainbow ice cubes and color blocks.

IMG_2046Ok. So I had to plan ahead a little. It’s not like I can spontaneously freeze water (although my kids think so). Sometime last week I checked the forecast and saw that Northern California was skipping May and June and going straight for July (it’s supposed to be 85 here on Thursday!), so I got out the old ice cube trays, filled ’em up, dropped some food coloring in them and stuck ’em in the freezer. Then I got out three large plastic food storage containers, filled ’em with water, added food coloring and stuck ’em in the fridge. And there they all sat for a week until I needed them. Little golden eggs just waiting for me to hatch at the right time.

IMG_2039 Tah-dah! Twenty more minutes of happy boys playing, learning and laughing. Of course it was a near blood bath trying to get them to come in for dinner. The Witching Hour is still very much alive and well at our house. Somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30, giggles and laughs turn to shrieks and tears most nights of the week. Gotta figure out a remedy for that. More ice cubes? Gonna need ’em this week.



3 thoughts on “Rainbows in the Water

    • We do this in the bathtub, too but I have to time it right or my three year old loses his shit when he can’t hold the ice cube anymore. Then bedtime is off the rails and we never recover.

      • That’s even more brilliant — no need to use an outdoor water table if you play in the bath. My daughter would go bananas!

        Your stories about three year-olds (and really everything people tell me about three year-olds) are equal parts hilarious and terrifying. Can my daughter just stay 2 1/2 forever?

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