Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of Your Children

Dear Husband,

You are a wonderful father and husband. I thank Fate everyday that we crossed paths and managed to scare each other into getting married. You do the grocery shopping (usually with the kids!), help with bedtime, cook dinner at least two nights a week, and are home for dinner almost every night. You are a dream! How did I get so lucky?

But, there are some phrases you should just stop saying. Every time I hear them, I  contemplate a one-way ticket to Tahiti…for me. Alone. All by myself.  For starters, here are five things you should never say to the mother of your children:

We need this in our house.

We need this in our house.

1. “I need a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom.” Almost without fail you come home, say hello, kiss me on the cheek, get the kids riled up with excitement to see their daddy and then excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Alone. With the door closed. And locked. You get annoyed when one of the kids tries to follow you in there, or worse, bangs on the door demanding to be let in. I get to go to the bathroom alone only when both kids are at school or in bed. That averages out to about 1.5 times a day. And in reality, usually during one of those times you are in the bathroom brushing your teeth. No, dear husband, you get to have an audience, complete with running commentary on all of your body parts. Prepare to be humbled.  And by the way, our three-year-old is potty training so show some enthusiasm!

2. “I thought you were going to _______ .” Yes, I had big plans for today, too. I thought I was going to get a shower. I thought I was going to call the plumber. I thought I was going to put the Christmas decorations away.  I thought I was going to make it to the pharmacy. I thought when I grew up I would  travel around the world saving children from orphanages but then, guess what?? You knocked me up. Twice. And now those little bastards are holding me hostage everyday making me do things I never dreamed I would do without someone putting a gun to my head. I do not control my days, let alone my hours or minutes. Yes, I thought I was going to do something today too, but alas, I only managed to keep our small humans alive just so I can live to tell of their tortures tomorrow.

3. “Have you seen my ______?” You are a grown-up. I am keeping track of my stuff and the humongous piles of crap that come with our two children. I cannot keep track of your stuff, too. Please do your part and find your own crap. And while you’re at it, pick it up and put it away, too.

4. “It’s been a while since we…you know.” Yep. And it’s gonna be a while longer (see #1 and #2). I am never alone. Someone is always touching, grabbing, licking, wiping, hitting or otherwise abusing my body. At 8:30 at night when that finally stops, the last thing I want is a grown-up touching, grabbing, or slobbering on me. To say nothing of the other thirty things that I didn’t get done today that I must now somehow get done between the hours of 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM. Yes, I miss you. Yes, sex is important but you knocked me up (twice, remember!) and now I have certain responsibilities. I should be free in 2018.

5. “I don’t feel so well. I’m gonna take a sick day.” I call this the Man Flu. I didn’t coin this phrase but it is so true. It doesn’t matter what the affliction is but men seem to suffer so much more than anyone else when they are sick. In the five years I’ve been a parent, there is only one thing that has made me take to my bed and it was a horrible case of mastitis (can I get an “Amen!”?). So, dear husband, not that you aren’t allowed a sick day but you aren’t allowed to then lay in bed all day, complaining of how bad you feel and summoning me to fetch you drinks, medications, and meals.The barely controlled chaos of my day tips into uncontrolled chaos with the addition of your sickly demands. The lives of the three other people in our house must go on. I get sick yet our kids still get to school. They still get fed.  I still wake up at an ungodly hour to snuggle our youngest so he doesn’t wake our eldest. You can take a sick day but don’t be surprised when I only manage to throw some Children’s Tylenol and a gummy bear vitamin at you as I pass by with a half-naked toddler.  Yes, that is probably poop smeared on your drinking glass because you summoned me in the middle of a diaper change. If you get sick, do what I do and Suck. It. Up.

I love you. I appreciate you. You are amazing. But please stop saying these phrases unless you want to  be forced to hunt me down on a remote island in the middle of the South Pacific.

Hm. I think my plan is about to backfire. <Sigh.>

In case you didn’t see it, my husband  posted his reply, “Five Things You Should Never Say to the Father of Your Children.”

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243 thoughts on “Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of Your Children

  1. hahaha…true that…especially the call in sick day!!!!
    it is funny and something most people can relate to. thank you for sharing and congratulations on being freshly pressed.
    good luck with the kids.

  2. I am not a parent, therefore I can’t claim to empathize with that status. I am however in a long term relationship and relate to some of these aspects already! I thought this was a great commentary on married life and the struggles any couple deals with.

  3. This is too funny and too familiar. At one time or another I have had these thoughts. My hubby and I made a deal…I get the kids most of the day but within his first 30 minutes of getting home…I get 30 minutes to myself. I use that time to take a nice hot shower with the door closed and locked. its great! Great post!

  4. You know what, I think I needed to read this. It applies just the same to me, since I go to work and my fiance stays home. And I’m ashamed to say I’m guilty of probably one or two of these. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  5. #1, #3 and #4! My all-time favourite: #2. Hubby says that every other time. It riles me up so much he doesn’t even know it so now, even before he can finish his sentence, I just go, “I don’t know.” I am your wife, not the “lost and found” counter.

    As a side note, I’m showing your post to Hubby when I get home tonight and I’m saying to him, “See, I’m not the only one!” 😀

  6. I believe that men should have their own restroom. Give it a good name at the door such as, “Get away cafe” or “Peace Time”. Also, You know, make it sound proof. Make it Automatic everything. This way men don’t forget to place the seat down or flush it. I know… I know… It doesn’t hurt to dream big.

  7. So true!
    I would add the phrase ‘We must…’ As what Husband actually means as ‘YOU must…’ I’m not about to take a parenting lecture from a man who comes home from work and spends the next 5 hours on Facebook rather than spending a fraction of that time interacting with his kids.
    Let me know if you find that perfect island. I may join you there.

  8. Jen-my only identity is a mom and preacher’s wife. I don’t know how to be any other, and if you go read my very first “actual” blog called “HELP! My life is falling apart…” then you’ll see I don’t even keep those identities well. Lol. I don’t even know or understand this blogging thing. 🙂 But y’all’s two blogs did make me giggle and I do love them!

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